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Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club


Q:  What do you consider “Vintage?”

A:  So technically speaking, it’s 20 yrs. or older.  However we consider vintage to be anything pre ’79.  It was around this time that bikes of most brands started to take on a more modern look.  As well, it was the last year Honda released a bike with a kick-start.  That said, we’re not snobs so don’t worry about it…unless it’s Wednesday...


Q:  Where and when do you ride?

A:  We ride the 3rd Sunday of every month and every Wednesday religiously. 3rd Sundays we meet at the corner of Abbot Kinney & Venice Blvd. at 10AM.  Wednesdays are club night,  contact a VVMC brother for that weeks meet up location.


Q:  Do I have to be a member to join the rides?

A:  Nope.  Hop on your vintage bike and come ride with us!


Q:  Do I have to own or ride a vintage bike to join your rides?

A:  Nope.  Although vintage bikes are our favorite bikes, we invite all bikes to come ride with us.


Q:  How do I join?

A:   The VVMC is a not an organization, it’s a club.  It's a small, tight group of like minded (and a bit crazy) friends.  If you’re serious about joining the clan, here’s the simple law:

  • You MUST own & ride a vintage (pre ’79) bike.
  • Plan on riding with us and being active in the group for at least a year. Showing up on occasion doesn’t cut it. We've all put the time in. The patch must be throughly earned.
  • Don't be a major tool... but maybe bring some with you. (Actual tools, not people)


Q:  How can I keep in the loop on your rides & events?

: Make sure to sign up for our Email List, head over to our Calendar Page, or find us on Facebook or Instagram, that should just about cover it.


Q:  I heard you host a motorcycle rally every September?

A:   You are correct sir. Every year the VVMC hosts a vintage motorcycle ride & rally event to support the local motorcycle community and a selected charity. In addition, we raffle off a custom built vintage motorcycle! Head on over to our Rally Page for more details.


Q:  How do I win the VVMC Rally Raffle Bike?!?

A:   Find your favorite VVMC Member, buy as many tickets as you think it takes to win, and come to the rally to claim your new bike! You can also buy tickets through our Rally Page.

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