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Raffle Bike Update July 2015 (Part 2) - 10 Minutes to Downtown

With a rushed turn around time, we retrieved parts from chrome houses, powdercoating caves as well as painters dens. Combining these parts was a gratifying task. Time was tight with the end goal of displaying it in our friends at Gasser Lounge gnarly Downtown party, but we managed to burn the midnight oil and got the Black Night all put together and spit shined up for the show. At the end of the weekend, we weren't ready to put it away, so we snapped a couple of daylight photos. Don't tell dad!

Raffle Bike Update June 2015 - Pipes, Tanks & Epoxy

Today is all about the pipe. Brothers Tomas & Farin came out to lend a hand with fabrication. Hands and eyes, very important!

We also started the tank restoration. The tank had the horrible Kream lining inside the tank making it unusable. A couple of Aircraft cleaner applications did not do the trick, so it was time to open the tank and to a manual removal.

After welding the tank back together, it was readied for paint. Dents removed and Caswell two part expoxy was applied. We went with a red blood colored lining.

Raffle Bike Update May 2015 - A Little Metal Work

With the shocks selected and distance of travel known, the rear loop was finished up and fender brackets brackets made. In order to keep the bike low and maximize travel, the fender was pushed up into the rear of the seating area. The Tail light was hand formed to put a proper tail light to the square headlight. Kicking around the idea of having LED lights in both the front and the rear, more lumens for less dissipation.

One of the pet peeves of Dougie (VVMC Brother and this years Master Builder) on the triumph was the clunky air box assembly, so that had to go! In it's place, some quick release side panels for access to the electronics.

Raffle Bike Update March 2015 - Finding The Vision

With the build concept in mind the parts were chosen and “assembled”. A honda Benly being grafted onto the stock fork shrouds. The tank is off a 71-72’ BSA Thunderbolt. These lines realize the initial intent of a masculine square jaw look, from this squared off look the moniker “The Black Knight” was selected.

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